You decide!

Hoping to spark an open thread about this truly strange commercial for Papa John’s pizza.  In the ad, Jerome Bettis and Papa John meet at midfield to flip a coin for a pizza and a soda.  More inexplicably, Peyton Manning comes out in a referee’s uniform to administer the toss.  Bettis calls heads, but Manning says, “I heard tails!”  A brief argument ensues and then Papa John, rather than sticking up for Bettis, turns to the camera and says “America, YOU decide!”‘

I’m not sure what it says about America that some presumably expensive advertising agency thought this is an effective way to sell pizza, but isn’t Papa John a perfect metaphor for our current news media?

About inuyesta

Law student with Josh Lyman dreams in a Toby Ziegler reality.
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One Response to You decide!

  1. Wiesman says:

    Such bias in this post! You say that “Bettis calls heads” just because he did, completely ignoring the fact that the matter is in dispute!


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