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About Last Night

Ugh. I mean, seriously: ugh.  There’s just no other word for what happened last night in the first presidential debate. Let’s start this post with a little review of history.  While I was at GW, I actually took an entire … Continue reading

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Well, that sucked

I’m not going to spin this: Mitt Romney had a much better debate than the president last night. I’m not sure it was a huge game-changing event like some people claim but Dennis Miller probably had the best analysis of … Continue reading

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Two ads

In the last two days both campaigns have released “candidate-to-camera” ads designed to make sort of a final argument to voters. It may seem a little odd to be making final arguments now, before the first of four (three presidential, … Continue reading

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More video from Romney fundraisers

Mother Jones just released several videos of Romney talking to donors at a private fundraiser and the general consensus is that they are devastating to Romney. In the video, Romney says: There are 47 percent of the people who will … Continue reading

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Holy crap. I’m at a loss…

The United States Consulate in Libya was attacked last night and 4 Americans were killed, including our ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens. This is a horrifying tragedy. It used to be that we came together as a country at times … Continue reading

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If I could just weigh in quickly…

As Wiesman mentioned in his 9/11 post, the anniversaries of great national tragedies these days do nothing so much as give professional writers occasion to hand-wring about whether or not those tragedies should be used to make political points.  If … Continue reading

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September jobs report: bad time for bad news

As the title suggests, the jobs report released by the BLS today wasn’t very good. I’m sure conservatives are very sad about this because they would never ever root for America to fail for their own gain. Total nonfarm payroll … Continue reading

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