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A Colonoscopy with the 19th Amendment

So Rush Limbaugh apologized, sort of. It was a pretty weak apology, obviously, and of course it starts out with an excuse, right up front, first sentence. For over 20 years, I have illustrated the absurd with absurdity, three hours a … Continue reading

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New rule: If you can’t say “vagina” you can’t legislate vaginas.

Republicans had already nearly overloaded the WTF processing centers of my brain with the freakout over a contraception coverage mandate in the Affordable Care Act that exempted churches and was more lenient than the existing laws in such states as … Continue reading

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ILU-486: A Short Story by Amanda Ching

I found a link to this short story on the Angry Black Lady Chronicles. It was written by a woman named Amanda Ching, and posted on her blog. I think Ms. Ching is going to start getting a bit of … Continue reading

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Synchronicity and the Komen debacle

It really is amazing what they have managed to (un)do in a very short time, and one thing it reminded me of is the thrilling tale of Ocean Marketing, where one email chain of really bad customer service basically sunk … Continue reading

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Komen for the Cure Fail

I realize that everyone has pretty much already weighed in on this stupid story, so I probably don’t have much useful to add, but I would love to get some satisfactory answers to this question some day from one of … Continue reading

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Pretty Charts of Florida GOP Primary Crosstabs

Last night Mitt Romney won Florida with 46% of the vote, easily besting Newt Gingrich who received 32% of the vote.  As I did after the South Carolina primary, I looked at CNN’s exit polling and fed their cross tabs … Continue reading

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