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Explaining Why a Brokered Convention Won’t Happen

From the beginning of the 2012 Republican campaign, devotees of the Ron Paul campaign have been talking up the prospect of a brokered convention.  As with most things that Ron Paul devotees talk up, sane people took no notice; or … Continue reading

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Small Government (For Everyone Else)

Over the weekend The Times had a great piece on critics of government spending that also rely heavily on it. But the reality of life here is that Mr. Gulbranson and many of his neighbors continue to take as much help from the government … Continue reading

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Turnout Watch: Feb 7

This update is going to have to be relatively short as my wireless has suffered a catastrophic failure and I’m forced to post from my iPhone. As you will recall, I’ve been paying very close attention to how turnout has … Continue reading

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Quick charts for Nevada GOP Caucuses

Well, the GOP held their caucuses in Nevada yesterday and as of 8:06 AM Civilized Time (also known as Pacific Standard) they still have managed to count only 70.4% of them.  These are the protectors of ballot sanctity in America, … Continue reading

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