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Two unrelated stories about Batman

Just a quick post this morning before I head off to work, but I saw two stories yesterday that both made me shake my head and wonder when the meteor strike will hurry up and hit the reset button on … Continue reading

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Horse race coverage designed to make you hate all horses, plus racing

I almost took pity on my poor brain and didn’t write anything today, but then I decided that coddling my brain was the wrong approach. It needs a daily reminder of who’s in charge here. Take this, brain. So Cory … Continue reading

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Rachel Maddow commits journalism again

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to figure out how to embed the MSNBC player into this WordPress blog, so you’ll have to follow this link to see Rachel Maddow do something rather extraordinary in today’s journalism: she finds evidence of a … Continue reading

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I love the smell of pretty charts in the morning

Rachel Maddow pointed out on her show last night that Mitt Romney seems to owe his primary victories so far to one particular demographic group: rich (well, upper middle class) people. Romney is winning with large margins with people making … Continue reading

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Did the stimulus work?

The Center for American Progress made this short video about whether the stimulus worked, and I thought it was worth sharing. This isn’t new information for those of us in the fact-based community who have been following the politics, the … Continue reading

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The Politifact Pitch

Last night on her show, Rachel Maddow once again took the knuckleheads at Politifact to task for their subpar fact checking.  (Well, okay, their fact checking is probably best described as “horrendous” rather than “subpar.” Sadly, horrendous is par nowadays.) … Continue reading

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What the contraception mandate is not

First, some facts about the new health care regulation about contraception: 98% of sexually active Catholic women have used birth control.  The new federal regulations mandate that employers who provide health coverage for their employees must cover contraception. All churches … Continue reading

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