One more SC Primary Graph

CNN has way more crosstabs than I bothered to put into chart form, but since this particular breakdown was mentioned on Up w/ Chris Hayes this morning, I thought I’d make a chart for it as well.

You have to break things down a lot to get a Romney win in a category.

I had used a similar chart in my earlier post, but it only separated voters into 3 income groups.

It is important to note that, with just a few exceptions, this is the only way to get Romney an actual “win” in any of these crosstabs.  He wins (47%) with voters who earn over $200,000 per year, but they only make up 5% of those polled.


Author: Wiesman

Husband, father, video game developer, liberal, and perpetual Underdog.

One thought on “One more SC Primary Graph”

  1. Is there any way you can make a tiny white line stay in between the bars all the way through? Would make the proportions a little easier to see imo


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