You record one episode of Will & Grace, and TiVo thinks you’re gay

Over at Balloon-Juice, mistermix gives a link to the “Ads Preferences Manager” page at Google, which explains what conclusions they’ve reached about your based on your browsing history, and how that might affect the ads you will see on websites that use the Google Ads service.

Since I hate my brain, I decided to see what Google thinks of me.

Under “Categories” they list:

  • Arts & Entertainment – Comics & Animation – Comics
  • Arts & Entertainment – TV & Video – TV Shows & Programs – TV Dramas
  • Books & Literature
  • Books & Literature – Fan Fiction
  • News – Politics – Campaigns & Elections
  • Online Communities – Photo & Video Sharing – Photo & Image Sharing
  • World Localities – North America – USA

I’m not a big comics reader, and certainly not a collector, and um, “Fan Fiction”?  Please no.  Kind of surprised no science fiction has been listed at all.

And, under “Demographics”:

  • Age: 55-64
  • Gender: Male

Google thinks I’m at least 55 years old.  There is literally not a single person on the internet that I do not hate right now.

Anyway, if you are often bombarded with ads on websites that use Google Ads that seem offensive or completely unsuited to your interests, you might want to check out what assumptions Google has made about you.

And yes, the whole thing is kind of creepy.

Author: Wiesman

Husband, father, video game developer, liberal, and perpetual Underdog.


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