RIP Gingrich Candidacy

The writing is on the wall.  Gingrich is done.  Just a few weeks ago Gingrich took South Carolina’s GOP primary and the pundits were claiming that we were in for a long hard nomination fight.  Fast forward to Florida and we have this little exchange:

And that exchange is the beginning of the end for Gingrich.  The funny thing about the exchange is that I believe everybody on that stage is anti-immigrant.  But a Republican best not dare call out another Republican for their anti-immigrant rhetoric.  Republicans have some really really thin skin.  They don’t like being called mean names like racist or anti-immigrant even if their policy stances are, well, racist and anti-immigrant.

Take a look at Gov. Rick Perry’s campaign.  He came in to the campaign with swagger.  When he entered the race I told Wiesman that he would win the GOP nomination hands down.  He is now out of the race and not so popular back at home (According to Gawker Perry is less popular in Texas than that evil-socialist-libruhl Obama).  What happened?

It turns out that there is a force that is even stronger than Reagan and Jesus in the GOP – Xenophobia.  Yes, the GOP doesn’t like too many people or ideas that are “different”.  Couple the Xenophobia with the natural butt-hurt inclinations of the GOP base when called out on the hateful nature of their world view and you’ve got yourself a fired up base.  Gingrich’s goose is cooked.

One thought on “RIP Gingrich Candidacy”

  1. I do think you are on to something where Republicans are very sensitive to accusations of xenophobia, but both Rick (“oops”) Perry and Newt (last 20 years, 3 wives) Gingrich have enough other flaws that I’m not sure you can blame their demise solely on xenophobia.

    Interesting take though.


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