Weekly Wappup with Wonkette

Happy Friday, Disagreeables!  (Note to staff: maybe re-think cool nickname for readers.)

Welcome to our first-ever (and probably-not-last-unless-they-ask-us-to-stop-which-they-might-if-they-ever-even-notice-us) Weekly Wappup with Wonkette.  As those who have seen our blogroll know, Wonkette is one of the favorite web destinations of whoever compiled that list of links over there.  (Was it me?  Probably!)  One of the best things about Wonkette is their often-profane-but-always-hilarious (or the other way around) nicknames that they give to the people lucky enough to warrant their attention.

We love these nicknames so much we have decided to bring them to you in quiz form.  All of these nicknames appeared over the last week in Wonkette stories. Match the nicknames in the first list with the political celebrity in the second list.

Feel free to head over to Wonkette.com to cheat.

1. Vulgar hair-weave troglodyte A. Erick Erickson
2. Breathing desert mirage B. Donald Trump
3. Third-rate human impersonator C. Rick Santorum
4. Mean-spirited twerp D. Newt Gingrich
5. Barely-tolerated busybody E. Sharron Angle

Post your answers in the comments (eg: 1-A, 2-B, etc).  If someone guesses correctly, we’ll post their name right here.  How exciting!

Author: Wiesman

Husband, father, video game developer, liberal, and perpetual Underdog.


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