Yes, Obama submitted the 2013 budget (and 2010-2012 too)

Yesterday was budget day (actually a week late) and President Obama submitted his 2013 budget proposal to Congress.  It won’t get passed, of course, but it is still a good snapshot of the budget priorities that Obama is proposing and offers a clear contrast to what Republicans would like to do.

This is the fourth budget that Obama has submitted, despite what you may hear from your conservative friends who get all their news from email forwards, talk radio, or facebook posts from psychopaths.

Buddy Roemer (who I actually like a lot, for what it’s worth) made a statement while trying to get noticed in the early GOP presidential race that “Obama has never submitted a budget.”  This statement seemed so outrageous that Politifact (winner of the coveted Half Pulitzer) decided to investigate it.  Here’s what they found:

So we turned to the experts, checking the public record and reaching out to five economists across the political spectrum.

Not true, they all say.

As per law, Obama has submitted a budget for each fiscal year he’s been president — fiscal years 2010, 2011 and 2012, according to a quick check on the Government Printing Office’s website, where the documents are posted. It’s as simple as that.

Obviously in the face of such overwhelming evidence, Politifact had no choice but to rate Mr. Roemer’s statement as… half true.  Balance!  The president has indeed submitted a budget every year.  Some disagree.

Anyway, moving on, people really should be more familiar with the basic numbers that are in the budget, if only so that when conservatards suggest cutting off foreign aid to help balance the books, it can be (gently) pointed out that foreign aid makes up just over 1% of the total budget.

The New York Times has a fantastic multimedia tool that allows you to view the budget based on All Spending, Types of Spending, Changes, and Department totals.  Please go over there and check it out.  It’s very sexy.

The New York Times 2013 budget viewing tool is very cool. Check it out.

Here are links for the 2011, and 2012 budgets as well.  (I couldn’t find a good link for the 2010 budget, but the 2011 budget linked there has comparisons with the 2010 budget.)

I’m sure we (or at least I) will be talking more about the details of this budget and Republican alternatives in the coming weeks.  As always, we at SomeDisagree will endeavor to keep our analyses fact-based and objective, but not balanced.  (Not balanced.  Like the budget.  Heyoooo!)

Author: Wiesman

Husband, father, video game developer, liberal, and perpetual Underdog.

8 thoughts on “Yes, Obama submitted the 2013 budget (and 2010-2012 too)”

  1. Amazing, did you say “Conservatards”. I normally just move on but that caught my eye. This guy is slowly but surely ruining my country and I am sick about it. The only way you can keep any president honest is to control his spending. This will be year five of “omnibus spending”. That means he takes $3.6 trillion dollars and spends it as he likes. This is unprecedented and unwise. We have a budget process for a reason and that reason should be ever clear now.

    1. jws, that is an untrue statement. No president can just spend as he likes because it is only congress that can determine where and how money is spent. The president can only propose how he would like money spent by submitting a budget proposal. He has done so and the congress has not passed them. They have however, falsely claimed that this President’s spending is “out of control”. While the republican led congress holds the debt ceiling hostage they falsely claim they need to control Obama’s spending which he can’t do without their approval and people like you buy that garbage from them. The debt ceiling is raised to allow the President to sign the check for money that Congress has already spent. Please stop taking what you hear from “conservitards” and start doing your own research. I promise you will become more correctly informed. Start with school house rock – it’s available on Amazon instant video streaming…

  2. “It won’t get passed, of course, but it is still a good snapshot of the budget priorities that Obama is proposing and offers a clear contrast to what Republicans would like to do.”

    Apparently it’s also a clear contrast to what Democrats want to do as his budgets have been voted against UNANIMOUSLY so far.


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