Two quick graphs w/r/t Romney’s electability

CBS released a poll on Tuesday showing matchups between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum (as well as Gingrich and Paul) with crosstab information, so I figured I’d make some more pretty graphs with Crosstabs Grapher.

This poll is two days old, and shows Romney and Santorum performing about the same against Obama.  Romney would lose 48-42, whereas Santorum would lose 49-41.  But there are already newer polls with analysis from Nate Silver and others that suggests that Romney’s “electability” argument over Santorum is gone.

Here are crosstabs for Obama vs. Romney:

The two very small categories on the right are O for Other, and WV for Won’t Vote.

Here are the numbers for Santorum:

As you can see, the two graphs are nearly identical, so Romney’s predominant argument that he is the only candidate who can beat Obama seems to be weakening.  Eight percent of Republicans say they will vote for Obama if Santorum is the nominee, compared to only 6% if Romney is the nominee, but this category is so small that MoE probably makes the distinction negligible.

inuyesta is working on a post about which candidate should liberals be hoping will win the GOP primary.  I’m looking forward to seeing his thoughts on that, but if the economy numbers keep improving like this report that was just released, it might not matter.

UPDATED: Greg Stevens asked to see a mirror image of the second graph next to the first graph so you can better compare the sizes of the bars.  Voila.

Click to embiggen

We aim to please around here.

Author: Wiesman

Husband, father, video game developer, liberal, and perpetual Underdog.

3 thoughts on “Two quick graphs w/r/t Romney’s electability”

  1. I would like to see the second graph mirror-imaged and placed to the right of the first graph, so we can see directly next to each other a comparison of the length of the (vertical) bars for Obama and “the other candidate” for each GOP contender.


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