ILU-486: A Short Story by Amanda Ching

I found a link to this short story on the Angry Black Lady Chronicles. It was written by a woman named Amanda Ching, and posted on her blog. I think Ms. Ching is going to start getting a bit of traffic.

Brandie had told her once that her older sister got birth control by hanging a white shirt out her window, so that it was visible from the street. A few days later a little bottle of pills had arrived, with instructions on how to take them. When she was out, Brandie’s sister just tucked some money in the bottle and dumped it in a flower pot on her windowsill. The bottle was eventually replaced. Brandie told her that even when her sister didn’t have money to put in the bottle, they still refilled it.

As a nerd, I have a great deal of interest in speculative fiction, and how it reflects on our current situation, and what the author thinks of our current situation. A year ago, I would have considered this particular story beyond just speculative, and well into the realm of science fiction, complete with dystopian police state. I’m still kind of shocked at the turn that GOP politics has taken in the last year, especially in the last few weeks.

Regardless of anyone’s personal feelings about the subject of abortion, conservatives who claim to believe in small government should remember that Roe was so decided at least partially because the implications of adequate enforcement would require the kind of police state that this story relates.

Author: Wiesman

Husband, father, video game developer, liberal, and perpetual Underdog.

8 thoughts on “ILU-486: A Short Story by Amanda Ching”

    1. Amanda, I’ve spread your story to Facebook groups there; One Million Pissed Off Women and to the Unite Against the War on Women March. I have a feeling you’re going to start getting a lot more traffic.
      One of the interesting things is that (apparently) Facebook censored the direct link to your wordpress blog. Several of us attempted to do a direct link on several different pages and Facebook refused to post the link. It took some machination but one of my friends found this link where your link was embedded and got around it that way.
      It’s kind of scary to me that it took that to get your story out to social media.

      1. Amanda, what has been the response since this story was posted? I’m sure you must have gotten lots of hits by now, and a lot of attention. I hope it’s been mostly positive, but I’m guessing you’ve had some negative reactions as well? I’d love to hear more.

  1. Wiesman, sorry I didn’t see this until now.

    All the feedback I have gotten for the story is in the comments. It’s been overhwelmingly positive. I got one bonkers MRA dude, and one Christian telling me that I needed god, but nothing malicious. It’s been very lovely all around. I had braced myself for hate mail, and I didn’t get any. Hah.


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