A Colonoscopy with the 19th Amendment

So Rush Limbaugh apologized, sort of. It was a pretty weak apology, obviously, and of course it starts out with an excuse, right up front, first sentence.

For over 20 years, I have illustrated the absurd with absurdity, three hours a day, five days a week.

This is the conservative version of personal responsibility, folks.

In the second sentence, Rush seems to imply that the real problem was that he forgot to bring his thesaurus to work that morning.

 In this instance, I chose the wrong words in my analogy of the situation.

Right. Because Rush’s main point was correct, but he chose the wrong words?

By the third sentence, he gets down to lying.

I did not mean a personal attack on Ms. Fluke.

Of course he did.

Rush said that Ms. Fluke was asking Congress to pay her for having sex. He wondered aloud whether this made her a slut and/or a prostitute. He suggested that she must have boyfriends lined up around the block. He suggested to her that perhaps she should consider having not so much sex. He suggested that he’d be willing to pay for that sex if he could watch the video tapes. He said that her parents should be ashamed of her. This did not happen in one show, in a single segment where he momentarily lost his mind. It happened over a course of three days on three broadcasts.

Word choice was not the problem.

And make no mistake, Rush didn’t apologize because he thought about it and felt bad. He apologized because he lost about eight sponsors in four days.

The Virginia legislature passed that transvaginal ultrasound bill before revising it in the face of public outcry. But Virginia isn’t alone. Texas has had a similar law enacted three weeks ago. Similar laws have been passed and are being challenged in North Carolina and Oklahoma. Alabama, Kentucky, Rhode Island, and Mississippi are also considering transvaginal ultrasound legislation. Twenty states now require some sort of ultrasound before an abortion can be performed. Small government!

Since Republicans swept into power on promises of fixing the economy in 2010, they have enacted 92 laws in 24 states to restrict abortion.

This is your government in the hands of the GOP, America. Jobs, jobs, jobs!

In January, the Susan G. Komen Foundation decided that Planned Parenthood would no longer receive a grant to provide free breast cancer screenings because 3% of its services were for abortion. The ensuing scandal forced out (former GOP gubernatorial candidate) Karen Handel, but the damage to Komen’s reputation was done.

This is what the GOP is all about. They have shown their collective ass. It’s time to shove the 19th amendment up it.

It's for their own good.

Author: Wiesman

Husband, father, video game developer, liberal, and perpetual Underdog.

5 thoughts on “A Colonoscopy with the 19th Amendment”

  1. Jon, Do not equate Rush Limbaugh with my Republican party! I, like most good Republicans, stopped listening to that overblown windbag years ago. I listened to Ms. Fluke’s speech twice and could not find anything that would cause Limpbaugh to make those comments. While I disagree with her, there was no justification for personal attacks. Unfortunately, Rush’s loose lips caused everyone to miss the point entirely. The crux of the argument is whether or not your government can dictate policy to the Catholic church. While it is true that a majority of Catholic women use birth control, the policy of the Catholic church is to discourage it. Your government forcing its will against the Catholic church is flat out wrong. Separation of church and state should work both ways. Ms. Fluke knew she was attending a Jesuit (Catholic) university and she should have expected that their policies would reflect the policies of the church.

  2. Good comment, George, and I appreciate your willingness to call Rush the overblown windbag that he is.

    Antonin Scalia disagrees with you on whether the mandate violates the 1st Amendment, however. In 1990 Scalia wrote the majority opinion in Employment Division v. Smith, in which he wrote:

    “Conscientious scruples have not, in the course of the long struggle for religious toleration, relieved the individual from obedience to a general law not aimed at the promotion or restriction of religious beliefs.”


    As long as the contraception coverage mandate wasn’t explicitly crafted for the purpose of restricting religious beliefs, then it is not in violation of the First Amendment.

    The law does not apply to churches. It only applies to businesses that do non-church activities, whether they are owned by a church or not. So a Catholic Church does not need to offer insurance that covers contraception. But a hospital owned by the Catholic Church does. So does a college.

    To suggest that any non-church business that is owned by any church could skirt the law because of its religious teachings is ridiculous. We’d have churches springing up that “morally believe” in not inspecting food and who also happen to own fast food restaurants. It’s silly.

    Also, the law is currently more lenient than current laws in 6 states, including Newt Gingrich’s home state of Georgia, which doesn’t exclude churches. Does Newt think his home state is an example of the “biggest attack on religious liberty in this nation’s history”? I doubt it.

    This is the Republicans trying to make a religious issue out of something that is a health care issue. I’m thrilled you guys are doing this, btw. Enjoy getting spanked in November.

  3. Would gladly place a wager on who gets spanked come November! Find it interesting that an amendment allowing an exception based on moral or religious grounds is a health care issue rather than a religious one.

    One final note, or two! Your insults of Republicans are as offensive as Rush’s comments. In the last couple of weeks, you have labelled Republicans as Republitards. Your cute post of the 19th amendment being shoved up the Republican logo’s butt is crude and rude. And, by the way, what does this issue have to do with the 19th amendment??? Have your read the 19th amendment? Oh, I get it! Because this issue has to do with a women’s issue, all women should vote for Obama! Yeah, right!
    Don’t you think that Bill Mahre’s personal insults of Republicans are just as bad as Rush’s? Fortunately, so few people see or hear Mahre, it really doesn’t matter what he says!

  4. Wait, what? My insults of Republicans are “just as offensive as Rush’s comments”? Are you sure? Let me get this straight.

    Calling someone a Republitard is equal to (no, worse than!) suggesting that someone is having so much sex that she requires the government to pay for it, and that it makes her a prostitute, and a slut. Calling someone a Republitard is worse than saying that a young woman’s parents should be ashamed of her for daring to air her concerns before Congress. Calling someone a Republitard is worse than offering to pay for someone’s contraception if she will make sex videos available for viewing.

    False equivalence much? Holy crap.


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