High School student may have cured cancer

Simply amazing, humbling, mind-blowing, you name it.

Here’s a short video of Zhang explaining her project.

Here’s the longer CBS News story. It won’t play here so you’ll have to watch it on YouTube.

I wonder if Rick Santorum would consider her a snob because she wants to go to college? Or if he thinks she’d have been better off being home-schooled? Or if the world would have been better off?

This is why we fund universities, and it’s why we want as many people as possible to get a great education and go to college, because you really don’t know who the next huge idea will come from, and we need to make sure that everybody gets an opportunity. If we don’t, we may be missing out on the next Angela Zhang.

Author: Wiesman

Husband, father, video game developer, liberal, and perpetual Underdog.

3 thoughts on “High School student may have cured cancer”

  1. I read about her a few weeks ago and I’m glad she’s getting more attention. It really is amazing when young people are self motivated and accomplish great things. Here’s hoping this is only the first of many breakthroughs in her career of choice.


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