Your Weekly Presidential Address

One of the many things that have changed since Barack Obama became president is that the Saturday Weekly Presidential Address has moved from hard-to-find-participating radio stations to YouTube. Obviously this is evidence that Obama is a better president than Abraham Lincoln, who was too lazy to even do a radio address. (Note to conservatives: that was a joke. A bad one, but still a joke.)

Most people are unaware that the president does one of these every week, which is a shame, really, since it’s an opportunity to hear the president talk about a current event or issue in a four- to five-minute video. Regardless of your political ideology/philosophy/leanings, the ability to hear a five-minute status update from a man who is both the leader of the free world and your employee deserves some attention.

(Does it deserve as much attention as Rebecca Black’s “Friday”? At 32,000 views to over 200,000,000 for Black, the market says no. Still.)

Here is this week’s address:

This week the president has chosen to continue talking about energy policy. One point he makes is that the number of miles that Americans are driving each year is relatively unchanged, but we are actually using less gas due to cars becoming more efficient. He also reminds everyone that US oil production is currently at an 8-year high.

What he didn’t say, but I will, is that oil production has increased every single year he’s been in office, which doesn’t seem to get mentioned much by Newt Gingrich in his stump speeches about drill, drill, drill and promises of $2.50 per gallon gas.

I’ll be posting these every Saturday as the White House releases them, because I think more people should be aware of them, and what is said in them. I will even continue to do so if we have a new president next January, for as long as the internet and this blog remain legal, that is. I kid!

Author: Wiesman

Husband, father, video game developer, liberal, and perpetual Underdog.


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