Update: Weasel Zippers wins the race

As I mentioned here, President Obama welcomed British Prime Minister David Cameron to the White House this morning and made the following joke:

“It’s now been (nearly) 200 years since the British came here to the White House under somewhat different circumstances,” Obama said, referring to the attack on Washington in 1814.

“They made quite an impression,” Obama said. “They really lit the place up.”

When his turn to speak came, Cameron followed with:

Cameron returned the favor, saying he was “a little embarrassed” at what his ancestors wrought two centuries ago, but “I can see you’ve got the place a little better defended today.”

“You’re clearly not taking any risks with the Brits this time,” Cameron cracked.

I was watching it at the time and chuckled, which obviously proves I hate America. I predicted there would be some wingnut outrage over this, and because I hate my brain, I went looking for it. Yes, I know. Nutpicking, but still.

Sure enough, the patriots over at Weasel Zippers showed a picture of the White House burning and used their sarcastic font to declare: “Hilarious.” Here are some of the comments:

dba…vagabond trader says:
Wishful thinking it was Ayers and his other aged anarchist buds.
Rufus says:
Anti-American piece of shit.

fubar says:
i’m speechless. (again)

David says:
So making references to an action that took place 200 years ago during a war with who are now our oldest allies????……Great display of tact.

How about these Zero:
To the German Prime Minister – “Hey, remember that time we firebombed the shit out of you Nazi creeps in Dresden?”
To the Japanese Prime Minister – “Nagasaki is a glowing example of Japanese resilience….get it? get it?”

stogieguy7 says:
Odumbo hates the British thanks to his radical father. Someone told him to make nice, but he still couldn’t resist taking a cheap shot.

Besides, I think that we’ve seen Barack and Mooch do far more long-term damage to the White House (and all it stands for) than the British ever dreamed of doing.

And on and on. I really thought Jim Hoft would be the first to be outraged by this. I bet he’s bummed.

Author: Wiesman

Husband, father, video game developer, liberal, and perpetual Underdog.

One thought on “Update: Weasel Zippers wins the race”

  1. But, the media didn’t vet Obama at all. They demanded einvythreg from McCain, and little from Obama.That’s utter crap, but it tells me you’ve got your head shoved so far up your ideological ass you can’t see reality. Not that I hadn’t noticed that before. Nod. I’ve seen this complaint, and it seems to rest on how many of the games that the Republicans wanted to play just didn’t play the way they wanted them to.The media didn’t make a big deal about their (frankly, pretty pathetic) attack stories. So, they didn’t vet him enough, and that’s wrong. Why? Well shut up, that’s why! They’re still playing that game. Obama doesn’t provide a plan for them to find something in to distort and scream about so he’s not providing leadership . But if he gives them ammunition, it’ll be more of a distraction to whatever issue is under consideration. It’s a shame he can’t provide ideas, but while he has to deal with spoiled children, he needs to use appropriate tactics.


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