A small sample of conservative logic

Last week a conservative friend of mine posted a link to a Breitbart article on the ratings of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report on Comedy Central. It seems that Jon Stewart and Mr. Colbert are regularly thumped in the ratings by cartoons and re-runs of cartoons and reality shows like Pawn Stars.

My first reaction to seeing the excerpt (I didn’t follow the link right away) was to say that, “I don’t watch TDS and Colbert because they are popular or not popular. I watch them because they make me laugh. They are niche shows with small, but loyal, audiences. What’s the problem?”

Another conservative mutual friend chimed in to say, “the point is that two major icons of the left have poorer viewerships than tawdry reality shows and reruns of cartoons.”

I expressed skepticism at the “major icons” label for two comedians, but my friend assured me that Stewart and Colbert definitely should be considered major icons who are “lionized by the left.” He offered as proof of this assertion a link to Stewart and Colbert’s 2010 Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear that was held on the National Mall. Over 200,000 people attended that rally, proving that Stewart and Colbert are indeed very popular.

So, to sum up so far: Stewart and Colbert, who are major icons of the left because they are very popular, are not very popular because they have poorer ratings than cartoons. I swear I’m not making this up.

I still didn’t understand the point of any of this and I kept asking and kept getting the answer that the point was that their ratings were poor. “Okay, I agree, they have poor ratings. What’s the point?” I finally posted this faux exchange:

Conservative: The sky is blue!

Me: What’s your point?

Conservative: The sky… is BLUE!

Me: And?

Conservative: THE SKY IS BLUE!!!

Finally, after getting the same tautological answer several times (and posting that faux exchange twice) I was rewarded with this answer. Here’s what the poor ratings of Stewart and Colbert mean. Brace yourselves:

These TV programming numbers are just one sliver of the vast pool of information out there that indicate the real ideological bent of most Americans, vs. what people like my children would probably be taught in public schools if I wasn’t smart enough to subject them to private education instead.

It is the left who are the wackos. Your whole ideological vision, predicated as it is on the rule of man over man, and the presumed intellectual superiority of the few over the many, and the creation of “rights” that subject citizen A to the service of citizen B for some ill-conceived egalitarian purpose, is morally foul and deeply anti-American, traditionally speaking and speaking in terms of the American founding.

So you’ll excuse us real Americans as the evidence that we have been right all along unearths itself.

To sum up: the low ratings of Stewart and Colbert are evidence that conservatives have been right all along. As I said there, “fascinating.” Also, some bad news for us fellow liberals: we are not real Americans. So sad.

Anyway, thinking about the exchange later, and because I hate my brain, I went to the Breitbart link that started this whole thing. The concluding paragraph is also… fascinating.

It’s all a mainstream media scam used to protect Obama and to get leftist talking points out there using a Trojan horse marked “satire.”

So The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are Trojan horses designed to protect Obama and disseminate leftist talking points, but they aren’t popular, so don’t worry about it, but they are also very popular, so do worry. Also, this is all evidence that we aren’t real Americans, and conservatives have been right all along.

Anyway, just to provide some, heh, balance, I decided to do some Googling for ratings for The Daily Show. I found this article:

By losing 9% of their audience in 2011, Fox News’ prime time lineup now averages fewer viewers than Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show.

According to TVNewser, Fox News averaged 1.868 million total viewers in prime time compared to 2.3 million for The Daily Show.

It’s always projection with these guys.

Author: Wiesman

Husband, father, video game developer, liberal, and perpetual Underdog.


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