Your Weekly Presidential Address for April 14, 2012

President Obama used his weekly address this week to once again push for passage of the Buffet Rule, a rule that makes so much sense that Republicans in Congress feel more strongly than ever that it should not be passed.

One of the criticisms that conservatives have leveled against the Buffet Rule is that the president says it’s about fairness, not about the deficit. Of course, arguing against doing something because it doesn’t solve the problem all by itself is a pretty stupid argument,  and is pretty good recipe for never doing anything ever. But what are you going to do when 60% of Americans support something and you don’t? The arguments tend to get stupid.

Anyway, perhaps in response to that criticism the president has added a new point when talking about this issue.

Now, this is not just about fairness.  This is also about growth.  It’s about being able to make the investments we need to strengthen our economy and create jobs.  And it’s about whether we as a country are willing to pay for those investments.

I look forward to the Senate votes on this rule in the coming months.

Previous weekly address here.

Author: Wiesman

Husband, father, video game developer, liberal, and perpetual Underdog.

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