“SomeDisagree” “is” “back” “!”

Hello disagreeables! (Still? Yep.)

So, it’s been a while, three weeks since the last post, and I guess an explanation is kind of in order. You’ll notice the liberal (heh) use of quotation marks in the title of this post, and so this post will be an explanation in four parts focusing on the four parts of that title.

First, as most of you who are reading this know, SomeDisagree is mostly just me now. The About page still applies, obviously, but some further explanation of exactly what this blog is and has been might be in order. This blog started because snarkologist and I wanted a more public outlet for our occasional rantings. Our mutual friends, inuyesta and dodgerbluestate, saw the first couple of postings and asked to be a part of it, to which we happily agreed.

Not long after our first posts, inuyesta took the initiative of creating a Twitter account and a Facebook page for SomeDisagree. This was awesome, but not something I would have ever really thought of. It also kind of gave the site kind of a weird vibe, almost like it was an actual media thing, and not just a blog for some guys who wanted to rant occasionally. We all really got into the spirit of things; I made the blue “SD ball” logo and the banner that sits at the top of the page, complete with a picture of the US Constitution.

What started out as just a blog to rant became a site where we had actual guidelines for posting. Put the blue ball at the end of each post, make sure the blue ball is a link to the home page (something that was often forgotten), use the “More…” tag so that we can fit more items on the front page (this was mostly ignored, since it soon became apparent that an overabundance of content would not be a problem), use certain categories and tags for certain kinds of posts, etc. It was a lot of fun.

But the point of all that is that “SomeDisagree” is just a blog. We’re (that is, I’m) not really looking to be famous, or part of the media, or build an empire, or have a million followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Anyway, life soon intruded on our regular posting schedules. I kept at it, trying to make sure I posted at least one thing per day for a while, and pestering the others to post something, but everyone’s posting really dropped off, especially the others. (As an aside, it’s an incredible source of amusement to me when childless young professionals tell me how busy they are. Wait until you “settle down” and have kids guys! It’s all free time then!)

Secondly, we come to the “is” portion and frankly, I put that in quotes just so I could make a Bill Clinton joke about what the definition of “is” is. That will not be funny to hardly any of you but the extremely conservative brother-in-law of my extremely conservative brother-in-law will find it hilarious. That’s the kind of reader service you can expect from this blog. You’re welcome, Gary.

As far as the “back” portion, well, yeah, I mean, I’m posting. But if you used to regularly check this blog because of inuyesta’s legal and media analysis or because of snarkologist’s insights into the engineering and regulations of air travel (as well as some righteous rants on all sorts of things), I can’t really promise anything there. Those guys are always welcome to post here, and I hope they do, but for better or worse, this is mostly just my personal ranting blog now. I’m not sure how often I will post, but if you check back occasionally, you will still see posts from me in the future.

And finally we have that last bit in quotation marks, the exclamation point. I think it is safe to say that about 90% of the time that I use an exclamation point, I’m being at least facetious, if not downright sarcastic, but if you can stomach a little bit of earnestness on a Friday morning, I’d like to say that I’ve really missed not posting for the last three weeks, and that I, at least, am quite nearly enthusiastic about the prospect of regularly posting again.

Author: Wiesman

Husband, father, video game developer, liberal, and perpetual Underdog.

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