Before this gets scrubbed

Just a quick note calling out National Review Online columnist Jay Nordlinger for dropping a racial slur in his piece this morning.  Here is the offending paragraph:

Truth is, some conservatives lamented that [Reagan] had indeed “grown” in office. He had gone out of his way to accommodate liberals and moderates, and to accommodate the Kremlin. He was raising taxes, spending like crazy, welcoming wetbacks, pursuing arms control. One common cry from the right was, “None of this would be happening if Ronald Reagan were alive.”

I’m completely unsure what led him to think tossing “wetbacks” in that sentence was a good idea (maybe he’s just a huge sucker for alliteration?)…it seems like even the coarsest of racists should have more sense than that.  But, well, there you have it.  Let this be a lesson to everyone who wants to pretend racism isn’t still a problem our country has to deal with.

Author: inuyesta

Law student with Josh Lyman dreams in a Toby Ziegler reality.


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