Obama and Romney Abroad: There is a Lesson Here

Four years ago this week, Senator Barack Obama traveled to Berlin.  He delivered a beautiful speech, imploring Americans and Europeans to work together as partners in tackling the shared challenges of the world in the 21st Century.  The crowd of over 200,000 Germans waved American flags, chanted “O-BA-MA,” and cheered as long and loud as the crowds at any domestic Obama rally.  It was perhaps the most stirring moment in a campaign filled with them.


This week, Governor Mitt Romney traveled to London.  He promptly got into (and lost) a pissing match with Prime Minister David Cameron over the running of Olympic Games, and was derided to a crowd of thousands by London Mayor Boris Johnson.

There is a lesson here.

Author: inuyesta

Law student with Josh Lyman dreams in a Toby Ziegler reality.


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