Response to Rape as Method of Conception


I think we can all agree that there’s been a lot of stupid, offensive things said by the GOP in the last few months. But you’d think that the VP pick for the GOP would know better than to add fuel to the fire, not to mention I’m pretty tired of seeing all these MEN talk endlessly about something that’ll never actually affect them, talking about our bodies as if they have some intimate knowledge we don’t have. Or worse, proffering opinions about situations they will never find themselves in.

I know, I know, that’s a rather dangerous argument to stroll down the garden path of, but humor me here. So I’ve been thinking. How do we stop these dudes from talking about the bodies of millions of women across America as if they have some paternalistic right to tell us what to do. As President Obama so aptly puts it, “…[this] is why we shouldn’t have a bunch of politicians, the majority of which are men, making decisions that affect health of women.” ( I know this proposal may sound totally crazy, but bear with me here.

What if only women were allowed to propose, enact, and vote for legislation concerning birth control. No more old dudes pontificating on the biology of the female body. No more guys in suits strolling around talking about the responsibility of life when they don’t have to bear the burden of an unwanted pregnancy. No more guys calling us sluts because we women would prefer to have control over when we have children.

No vagina? No vote! I know! Brilliant right? Think what a catchy slogan it’ll make. Hell, I think gays could also benefit from this. Not gay? No vote on gay marriage. After all, I still fail to see after all this time what the lifetime commitment of two people has to do with anyone outside of that couple. If religious outrage was a valid reason for enacting anti-gay marriage legislation, there should be Jews clamoring about the corrupting influence of pulled pork sandwiches, or Buddhists voting to outlaw meat in public restaurants. The way I see it (and bear in mind, this post is intended to be somewhat satirical), if the issue at hand will not affect you, will never be a choice you have to make, will never create responsibility or burdens you have to shoulder, well then no vote!

Of course, this entirely hypothetical proposal could end up backfiring.

After all, we still have to deal with this. Why hello there, Governor Brewer.


My soul dies a little every time I think about how many self-sabotaging women are out there.

Oh, and hi! I’m Connie and I’m the latest contributor to this blog. I’ll try and post at least once or twice a week. I think I have some choice words to say about the health insurance system, more on this later.

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