My 9/11 Post

I guess it’s kind of expected that people who write these web log things, bloggers writing blogs, are supposed to spend today telling people what they were doing on Sept 11, 2001. While I’m sure that may be interesting, I’m kind of glad that I don’t have a particularly poignant story to tell about 9/11.

I was playing tennis at the time the towers fell. I had just bought a new TiVo the night before so after finishing playing and showering, I went to the TV and started fooling around with the new TiVo, and it had recorded some shows over night (remember when DVR’s used to suggest shows?) so I was watching recorded TV until the guy who I had played tennis with called me from work and asked if I could turn on the TV and tell him if what he was seeing on the internet was a hoax or not. It wasn’t.

Anyway, I’m seeing on the Twitter that there seem to be multiple opinions out there in the blogosphere about what to write about on a day like this. I never really thought about it before, because this is the first time I’ve had a blog on 9/11. One side seems to think that we shouldn’t be writing politically charged stuff on a day like this because it is divisive. The other side thinks that political disagreements are part of what make this country great, that our freedom to express dissent is a founding principle, and any attempt to stifle that is un-American.

I’m going to take a really strong stand and say that both sides have a point and the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. Some disagree! Honestly, I think part of being an American is being free to remember this day however you think is best, and I will not be offended by strong partisan opinions on this day, but I understand the desire to take a day off from partisanship, and in fact, that’s what I’m doing.

I do have an opinion though about how this day should be remembered in the future. My kids’ school is encouraging the students to dress in patriotic colors today and calling it “Patriot’s Day.” I think that’s okay, although I think it misses the mark for me.

For me the best way to remember this day would be to remember the first responders who rushed into those towers while everyone else was running out. If you’re looking for a way to remember this day, maybe consider a donation to one of the many organizations that support fire departments and law enforcement, for example the National Law Enforcement and Firefighters Children’s Foundation or the Fraternal Order of Police. Just a thought.

Author: Wiesman

Husband, father, video game developer, liberal, and perpetual Underdog.

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