Two ads

In the last two days both campaigns have released “candidate-to-camera” ads designed to make sort of a final argument to voters. It may seem a little odd to be making final arguments now, before the first of four (three presidential, one vice presidential) debates have even taken place, but for many states, early voting has already begun.

This is one of the reasons that Republicans are even more worried about the latest polls. Even if something dramatic happens to shift public opinion, many votes will already be locked in. The Obama campaign is just running out the clock at this point, protecting the lead.

Mitt Romney’s ad seeks to address the damage done by the 47% comments that have dominated the news for the last week.

It’s not a terrible ad, a little pessimistic, but that’s standard for the challenger who needs to convince people that a change in leadership is necessary. But my first impression when seeing this ad on YouTube was that the way the title and key frame were chosen… well, here:

Seriously, Romney campaign?

Maybe this was some sort of hidden appeal to his xenophobic, anti-immigration base? No, that would imply actual planning. This is just another example of basic incompetence from the campaign. It’s possible to select which frame gets chosen for the preview; maybe, I don’t know, choose one where the Mittster is smiling? And choosing “Too Many Americans” (yes I understand it’s the first three words of the spoken text, but still) as the title of your ad… Yikes.

The Obama campaign has also created an ad where the president speaks directly to the camera. Here it is:

That’s a two-minute ad and will be running in 7 battleground states for a week. It’a huge buy, and money well spent if you ask me which you didn’t which is why I have a blog so I can tell you things without you asking.

Competence. It matters.

Author: Wiesman

Husband, father, video game developer, liberal, and perpetual Underdog.

5 thoughts on “Two ads”

  1. Other than one ad being relatively fear-based and offering no clear cut plan and the other one being positive, inclusive, detail oriented, I see no difference.

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