Thou shalt not kill…unless you’re Mitt Romney

I was struck by something during last night’s debate, which I intend to write about more extensively but a quick thought–I just wanted to say I was pretty sad to see Governor Romney, purportedly a devout Mormon and former bishop in the LDS community, get up on stage and unequivocally state that we should kill. I know this might be interpreted as a quibbling over language, but I think this kind of thinking is symptomatic of what I think is wrong with US foreign policy.

“Well, my strategy’s pretty straightforward, which is to go after the bad guys, to make sure we do our very best to interrupt them, to — to kill them, to take them out of the picture.”

I’d like to point out how much more diplomatically President Obama stated his case:

“…number three, most importantly, that we would go after those who killed Americans, and we would bring them to justice, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”


That comment by Romney really bugged me. After all, is eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth really the strategy that will help us engender positive relations with other countries? Especially considering the somewhat shaky reputation the US has had in the international arena?

I would also like to point out that Romney talked about rejecting extremism. Isn’t getting on national television, telling America that we’re gonna get out there and kill ’em, kill ’em dead… isn’t this its own form of extremism? Yeah, I get it, it’s a total fistbump, woot we’re Americans sort of moment, but I think it’s a sobering reminder of why there are countries out there who hate us so.

I am not in any way defending those extremist groups, I just want to point out the lesson we should have all learned out on the playground: two wrongs don’t make a right. Going out and killing people ain’t gonna solve everything.

More on foreign policy and last night’s debate later.


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