Conservative outrage viciously attacks satire

As I type this, satire is on the floor, curled up in the fetal position, begging reality to ease up just a little. I enjoy making fun of Republicans and conservatives; I really do. But recently some have gone so far past the bend that describing their thought process as cognitive dissonance would be an upgrade. Some of this stuff is just blind stupidity.

Yesterday the Obama campaign released this new ad, from Lena Dunham, who is the star of HBO’s Girls, I think. I’m not exactly sure and I don’t feel like checking, honestly. Anyway watch:

Are you outraged? Of course you are. I showed this to my wife and she said, “Why isn’t this girl in the kitchen?” Then she added, “I can’t be sure but I bet she has shoes on too. Shameful.” Now you may have read those last two sentences and thought, “By Jove! Wiesman’s wife has a sharp wit! Her snarky response to that harmless video wonderfully over-exaggerate’s a conservative reaction!”

Oh, but wait. Was it really an exaggeration? I present to you an actual tweet from founder and CNN analyst Erick “Son of Erick” Erickson, the Ericksonner:

(That should read “Obama ad” not “Obama as”. Son of Erick has fat thumbs.)

Hilarious, right? But, wait! He’s serious! You see now why satire is sobbing on the floor. (By the way, I will be using the phrase “fallen, depraved world destined for the fire” every chance I get from now on. Yes, it’s unhinged ranting from a certified loon, but it’s still art, of a sort, and I will use it for good, somehow.)

Erickson followed it up with this:

So that’s it America. God has turned us loose, obviously, for surely this Obama ad is definitive proof of our embracing the sexual lust of the flesh. Well, we had a good run.

As if the Twitter assaults weren’t bad enough, satire is also being savagely attacked on everybody’s favorite Thanksgiving-dinner-with-crazy-relatives simulation, Facebook. It seems that after giving an interview with Rolling Stone, while talking with the reporter, President Obama referred to Mitt Romney as (prepare to clutch your pearls because I’ve made the editorial decision to just go ahead and type out the word) a “bullshitter.”

Now, as the awesome Kay at Balloon-Juice points out, the word “bullshitter” is probably the best possible word to describe Mitt Romney. Honestly, “liar” isn’t nearly evocative enough. Romney’s latest lie is that Jeep might be moving manufacturing jobs to China, and that his election victory will stop that somehow. No part of that is true at all. Jeep is not moving manufacturing to China, and if they were, Mitt Romney wouldn’t do a thing to stop it.

But anyway Obama using the word “bullshitter” is of course the end of the Republic. Again, we had a good run. Here is how one of my friends on Facebook described this, um, thing that happened. (I can’t really call it a story; I just can’t.)

How very Presidential of him. An interview with Rolling Stone? And then to say this? “I see your true colors Mr. President.”

Satirize that! I dare you! You can’t do it, can you? Neither can I. Satire is begging, but I just can’t do it. The absurdity of conservative outrage has overcome satire. We all knew this was a possibility, but did we take action? No, we allowed this to happen. We have satirical blood on our hands, people.

How can satire survive in a fallen, depraved world destined for the fire?

Author: Wiesman

Husband, father, video game developer, liberal, and perpetual Underdog.

2 thoughts on “Conservative outrage viciously attacks satire”

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