This place is dead anyway!

I needed a bit to re-charge my political batteries.  To be frank, in mid-2012 I just got sick of ranting about politics and was more frightened than amused by the tea party types and the Romney campaign. 

So here I am in 2013 with a political blog that has been dormant since 2012 and I’m ready to party once again.  Why the hell should I wait until 2014 anyhow?  With crazy eye’d Michelle Bachman stepping down (good riddance), The Governor of New Jersey getting the lap band (or was it merely a stapled stomach?) to cure his Cheetos addiction (as well as deflating so he looks more like a US President and less like the Michelin Man), and the anti-tax Tea Party getting their panties in a collective bunch over an IRS quasi-scandal brought to you by Fox News, there is still lots to rant about. 


1 thought on “This place is dead anyway!”


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