An answer for Joe Scarborough

This morning I woke up at 5ish or so and couldn’t fall back to sleep, and because I hate my brain, I decided to watch a little Morning Joe.  The gang is down in Florida in preparation for the GOP primary tomorrow, and Joe went off on a mini-rant about Barack Obama.

I could explain Reagan in six seconds.  I could explain Clinton in about 8 seconds.  I can’t explain Barack Obama.  What does he stand for?

(I’m paraphrasing, but that’s generally it.)

He then turned to Eugene Robinson, who I normally like, and demanded that he explain Obama in six seconds or less.  Robinson started to explain something about Obama believing “that the old left-right spectrum of American politics” was outdated and that he wanted to move beyond it.  Because Robinson was put on the spot, he didn’t have a snappy six-second or even eight-second answer and so Scarborough cut him off and claimed that it proved his “point.”

(Also, and this is just my inner nerd speaking, Robinson described the old left-right spectrum as being on the “x-y plane”, and Obama was trying to use the “z-axis”, which is one dimension too many.  The left-right spectrum is the x-axis, and, according to Robinson, Obama is trying add the y-axis.  /nerdery)

So, my first reaction to Joe Scarborough would be: having a president who requires more than six seconds to explain adequately is a feature, not a bug, you ignorant troglodyte.

But that’s not civil.

So, having thought about it, I’ll give this as an answer: “Pragmatic Progressive.”  How’s that?  If you say it quickly it’s ONE second, two at the very most.  Is he a good president now?  Can we re-elect him?


You decide!

Hoping to spark an open thread about this truly strange commercial for Papa John’s pizza.  In the ad, Jerome Bettis and Papa John meet at midfield to flip a coin for a pizza and a soda.  More inexplicably, Peyton Manning comes out in a referee’s uniform to administer the toss.  Bettis calls heads, but Manning says, “I heard tails!”  A brief argument ensues and then Papa John, rather than sticking up for Bettis, turns to the camera and says “America, YOU decide!”‘

I’m not sure what it says about America that some presumably expensive advertising agency thought this is an effective way to sell pizza, but isn’t Papa John a perfect metaphor for our current news media?

State of the Blog Address

(Transcript of address by Wiesman, on the State of the Blog,

Thank you, please have a seat.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Please.  Have a seat.  Thank you.  Seriously, have a seat.  Thank you.

This evening, the President of the United States will deliver his State of the Union Address to a Joint Session of Congress as mandated in the Constitution.  It is in this tradition that I am here today to address you, my fellow bloggers, snarkologist, inuyesta, dodgerbluestate, commenters, and readers.  Today it is with great humility and pride that I can state to you: the State of the Blog is strong.

(Sustained Applause.)

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I don’t always agree with everything Lawrence writes or says, but I’ve always loved this bit.

FTR, I don’t really consider myself an “Anti-Republican Crusader.”  Aside from my unfortunate college mascot (since changed) I’ve never considered myself a Crusader of any kind, nor will I.  But culturally-insensitive nicknames aside, I’m also not particularly Anti-Republican.  I just happen to oppose just about everything they currently stand for.  Ahem.

UPDATED: As inuyesta pointed out to me, this was the defense of liberals that Jimmy Smits gave as Matt Santos in the Debate episode in season 7 of The West Wing.  Yes, it was written by Lawrence O’Donnell.