Al Franken sent me an email about SOPA

Well, of course he did.  I donated money to him.  Once.  Four years ago.

Anyway, it’s a nice email and I am not completely unsympathetic to his side of the issue.  I’m glad that the bill is dead (for now) and that he (now) sees the importance of “taking seriously the issues people have shared.”

But really, Al, do you have any idea how painful it is for a good liberal Democrat like me to give credit to Congressional Republicans for killing this thing?

Can Newt get even nastier?

Well, of course he can.

You could almost see the inner workings of Newt’s brain Monday night as he had that now-infamous exchange with Juan Williams.  After sneering at Williams (who had the temerity to ask whether calling Obama the “food stamp president” might be insulting to some people) that “only elites disdain work” it would have been natural for anyone to think to themselves, “oh, geez, did I just go too far?” but then the crowd was on its feet and Newt had his answer.  You can never go too far in South Carolina.

Today, Newt was relishing that moment when he spoke to supporters at a campaign stop there.  Egged on by the crowd, Newt decided to let Newt be Newt and said that work “seemed to be a strange, distant concept” to Mr. Williams.

He really is a jerk.  Some disagree.


So, after much public pressure and actions taken by Wikipedia, WordPress, Google, and others, video game company EA bravely came out and took no official position on SOPA.  That would be okay, I guess, or at least it wouldn’t be overtly evil, except that EA is also a member of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), a lobbying group that exists for the sole purpose of advocating for member companies like EA.  And the ESA?  Yeah, they support SOPA.