Weekly Wonkette Wrapup

Greetings faithful reader(s)!

Welcome to the second edition (first edition here) of the post we do every Friday where we blatantly steal  from one of our favorite websites, Wonkette.  One of the best things about Wonkette is the hilariously mean-spirited nicknames they use to describe the people they are making fun of for being stupid, saying horrible things, or very often, both.

We collected five of these awesome nicknames and mixed them up a bit, and now you get to try to guess which insulting description goes with which horrible person.  Yes, we’ve combined the infantile name-calling that is poisoning our discourse with all the fun of a 4th grade vocabulary quiz!

Feel free to head over to Wonkette to cheat.

1. Pedantic swamp bubble A. Joe the Plumber
2. Spoiled pot roast B. Newt Gingrich
3. Cadaverous walking smirk C. Bill O’Reilly
4. Poisonous creature of the deep D. John McCain
5. Crabby old rust tit E. Rick Santorum

Have a great weekend.