In which I am Unapologetically Proud of my Son

So I get to walk my kids to school every day, and after dropping off my 2nd grader at his class, my younger son and I were waiting for his pre-school class to start with his classmates and their parents.

A trio of the boys, including my son, were playing together and one of the boys pointed to my son and said, “You’re my best friend.” He then turned to the other little boy and said, “you can’t play with us.”

This is one of those moments on the playground where everything kind of stops for the parents who were there. We could all hear what was going on. The boy’s mother who said this gasped, and it was pretty obvious she was horrified by what her son had said. She’s very nice, and her son has always played very nicely, so this was completely out of character. You just never know what kids are going to say, but it had the potential to be an extremely awkward moment.

Anyway, as we were all kind of processing this, my son held out both hands, palms out, as if he were a referee stopping a fight and said loudly, “You guys are BOTH my friends.” Both the other kids accepted this and went back to playing together.

And all the other parents sighed in relief.

This made me even prouder than when he named his pet in World of Warcraft “Zuul.”

So, yeah, I’m blogging about how I’m proud of my kid. I’m one of those.