Karen Handel has left the building

So Karen Handel has resigned from the Susan G. Komen Abortion is Bad Fund, and from the excerpts of her resignation letter that are being reported, she claims the following.

  •  The decision for the strategy was approved by the board in November, and no objections were raised.
  • The decision was not based on anyone’s political beliefs or ideology.
  • The decision was designed to help Komen better serve women and to avoid controversy.

Okay, first of all, Mollie Williams, Komen’s top public health official, resigned over the decision, so it’s a little hard to suggest no objections were raised.  Secondly, the thousands of women who have received free breast exams at Planned Parenthood might have a different opinion about how Komen can better serve women.  And avoiding controversy?  Um…

In short, she’s incompetent or lying, or possibly both, which really makes you wonder how she lost a Republican Primary for governor of Georgia in 2010.  Usually that combination of blind stupidity and a willingness to lie about it is GOP electoral gold.

What a remarkable story.  Just a few weeks ago, Komen’s brand had amazingly high positive ratings among just about everyone in the country, from the women it sought to protect to the men who, well, like boobs.  Right, Left, men, women, Republicans, and Democrats all seemed to look favorably on the pink ribbon.  The extent of the NFL branding, for example, was really remarkable.



I mean: Google Image Search for NFL pink ribbon branding.

Now, after first deciding to stop giving money to Planned Parenthood, and then reversing that decision when it blew up in their faces, they have managed to piss off everyone.  How do you follow up a performance like that?

Karen Handel: showmanship.