Snowe will not seek re-election

This is stunning news, and I don’t have anything to confirm other than Tweets at the moment, but Larry Sabato is a pretty good source.

This is fantastic news for Democrats. The GOP is already screwed with women voters and this won’t help.

UPDATE: It’s been posted on the Maine GOP Facebook page.

UPDATE 2: Nate Silver says,

Classy conservatives keep it classy

Remember this from earlier?

From The Atlantic (via TPM):

The image of the “Chinese” girl in the video, who speaks American-accented English, is labelled as … well, see for yourself:


What makes this particularly appalling is that Hoekstra knew that the reaction to this video would be outrage, and he banked on it.  He’s getting a ton of free media for this garbage, and then sending out fundraising letters accusing liberals of playing the race card.

I really want to defeat conservatives this election.  This is just disgusting.